The First anniversary of Realistic Grass!

    Today marks the first anniversary of Realistic Grass, a resource pack that adds amazingly realistic grass to the game. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I released the first version of my project, which started as a simple idea after a bike ride. Since then, Realistic Grass has grown and evolved into one of the most popular and praised resource packs created by me. It has been downloaded by thousand of players. I am proud and humbled by the success and impact of Realistic Grass!

The origin of Realistic Grass

 Realistic Grass was born out of a simple bike ride in June 2021. I was cycling through a beautiful field and was captivated by the fresh morning grass swaying in the wind. I took about 100 pictures of the grass with my camera and decided to replicate the scene in game. I worked on the resourcepack almost all night and by morning it was ready. I was amazed by the result and spent an hour just admiring the rippling grass on my monitor. I published the first version of Realistic Grass on my website, shared some screenshots on Reddit, and went to bed.

The success of Realistic Grass

 I had no idea what was waiting for me when I woke up. My phone was flooded with notifications. My resourcepack had gone "viral". The number of daily downloads exceeded 30 thousand, and the number of Reddit post views was 100 thousand with 20 thousand upvotes. That same day, journalist Mollie Taylor wrote an article about my resourcepack in one of the most popular magazines for gamers, Many other news outlets from around the world picked it up. I found mentions of Realistic Grass on websites in Latin America, Europe, Thailand, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Korea and Japan. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support from the community. I continued to update and improve my resourcepack, adding more features. 

Green with envy

One year later

 Realistic Grass is now one of the most downloaded and acclaimed resourcepacks created by me. It has also inspired many other creators to experiment with realism and nature in their own projects. I never expected my resourcepack to become so popular and influential. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and vision with the world. I still enjoy riding my bike and finding new sources of inspiration in nature. I hope my resourcepack will encourage more people to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet.

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