NicoRTX Plus — Realistic PBR Resourcepack


Select the resource pack resolution. The higher the resolution, the more resource-intensive it is. Resolutions of 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 are recommended only for owners of powerful PCs. If your PC experiences lag, choose a lower resolution. A good compromise solution is 512x512 or 256x256. For potato PCs, 64x64 or lower is advisable.

NicoRTX Plus

is a powerful and free PBR resource pack for Minecraft, designed to elevate the gaming experience to ultra-realistic levels. Previously, I specialized in Japanese-style resource packs and Realistic Grass. They weren’t conducive to a seamless survival gameplay, as certain models and blocks were replaced with thematic counterparts. Now, I’ve shifted focus to a vanilla style. My goal is to make and continuously refine one of the most immersive resource packs available, ensuring it’s optimized for all users.Currently, the pack has replace over 100 blocks, including grass, dirt, various stones, woods and all hues of terracotta and concrete. Keep in mind, this isn’t the final version; the pack will undergo regular enhancements. Even the blocks that have been introduced will be polished over time.

Why it for free?

It’s common to find that many PBR texture pack creators restrict free access, often directing users to Patreon or similar platforms through “Download” clickbait links. Lately, some have even begun charging for “trial” versions at lower resolutions, such as 128x128 or 256x256, or adopting a subscription-based model for their packs. I don’t agree with the current trend.


If you’re keen to contribute to the texture pack’s evolution, feel free to join Discord!